Lethargy Causes in Children

Lethargy in children is a symptom of underlying health problems. It is not a good sign. There are many children who feel inactiveness. They are tired and feel sleepy most of the time. Parents are much worried about this condition of their children. There are many causes of low energy levels in children. It is parent’s duty to read these points and take timely treatment for overcoming them. Sometimes reasons for low energy in children can be serious as well. This article throws on some such causes. Read them carefully and if ever come across any such symptom in your child immediately seek help of your professional healthcare person.

Depressive Disorder

Children who remain in depression also turn lethargic. Parents should take special care that their children are in jolly mood. It is essential for minors to be happy and glad day in and day out. Depression affects youngster’s mental health, which make them physically weak.

Sleep Deficiency

It is imperative for every child to get sufficient sleep. Sleeplessness makes them lethargic and unenergetic. It is seen in many children who do not take proper sleep feel fatigue every time and are not alert also. Lack of sleep also affects concentrate level. For performing tasks efficiently and for enjoying healthy life it is must to sleep for eight hours.

Nervous Tension

All time pressure of performing well in studies and remaining on the top in extracurricular activities at the same time is one of main reasons today that make children sluggish and indolent nowadays. Do not put much pressure on your child. It can be harmful for them.


Meningitis is a serious disorder that affects brain and spinal cord. High percentage of children is getting affected by this disease. Meningitis induces severe lethargy in children. With lethargy, children also experience headache, fever and lack of sleep in this health disorder. Get the problem treated as soon as possible.

Malnutrition or Undernourishment

Children who suffer from starvation show big signs of lethargy. It is bound for them to suffer from low energy levels as their body does not get required nourishment. Give your children healthy diet and see how energetic they will feel then.

Apart from the causes cited above for children being lethargic, there are other reasons also that add to it. Take knowledge from your physician about them. Safeguard your children from the above problems. This will lead them to the bright and safe future.

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